Boat Hire Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Posted on: 24 February 2017

Self-drive boat hire is an excellent way to experience the waters on your own. You get to enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted cruise and making stops at different landmarks of your choice. You do not have to worry about sharing your experience with a stranger. Here are a few boat hire safety tips you need to keep in mind at all times .

Be Weather-Wise

You should always pay attention to the weather before departure. Check your local weather forecasts, and keep an eye out for any signs of potential weather change. Boat hire services have professionals to check this for you. However, it does not hurt to take precaution on your own.

Select a Boat You Can Handle

Most self-drive boats are easy to operate and do not require any special boating licence or experience. However, by understanding the work entailed in each type of boat helps you make an informed choice on which type suits your holiday activity list. Understanding the kind of physical activity involved ensures you do not end up doing something you did not sign up for, like rowing a canoe, when what you want is a motorised boat.

Stock Up on Enough Food and Biting

The decision on whether or not to carry food depends on how long the boat trip will take. You do not have to pack anything for short tours typically lasting between two to three hours. However, for whole day packages and anything lasting more than 4 hours, chances of hunger pangs hitting before you return to land is high. Ensure that you pack sufficient food for you and your fellow passengers. You can also upgrade your hire package to include food and beverages along with the boat or tours that include stops at restaurants on islands or along the riverbanks. With such packages, you simply avoid the hustle of having to carry your own supplies.

Take All the Necessary Precautions

Ensure that you are prepared for any unforeseen events. Preparation involves taking all the necessary precautions like ensuring your phone is well charged. Ensuring you have a list of emergency contacts including that of your boat hire company in case you ever need technical help with the boat or equipment. Most self-drive boat hire services have a pre-departure checklist that when adhered to ensure that you are well prepared for any possibilities and that nothing important is overlooked before you set off.