Finding some family accomodation for an emergency trip

Posted on: 12 April 2016

While ideally you'd book family accommodation for a trip months in advance sometimes you need to travel for unplanned reasons such as an illness or a funeral. In these cases, it can be more challenging to find accommodation that is suitable for the whole family. Here are some tips if you are finding it hard to locate accommodation that might be suitable. 

Take it offline

While it may appear online that there are no rooms available at the accommodation you are looking at, it can always be worth picking up the phone to get them to check the bookings manually. Sometimes comparison sites only have a limited stock of rooms to sell and they are not always up to date to reflect any cancellations. The hotel is the best place to contact to see if there are actually any rooms available. You may be able to ask them to place you on a waitlist for any late cancellations while on the phone as well. 

Contact a motoring association

Before we had the Internet people used to refer to motoring association guides to find motels and hotels when they went on road trips. These guides are still sold and can be a great way to find some smaller motels that don't have easy to find and search websites. You can look through these guides and may find some hotels or motels that you haven't had a chance to check yet. Often the travel association also have a discount code, so you may even be able to snag a bargain through going through the guide. 

Use your (social) network

If you are travelling to an area where you have family and friends it can be worth placing an SOS call out by text message or social media. You may have someone in your network who has a house or granny flat free that you can stay at. While it can be stressful staying with another family if they are not in the house for some reason such as travelling, or the house is usually rented as a vacation rental, this can be a good emergency option. Just remember to buy them a nice box of chocolates or bunch of flowers to say thank you when you leave!

Finding family accommodation at the last minute can be slightly challenging but if you keep your options open and use a wide search online and offline, you can often find a great solution.